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Lady Gaga Is Threatening to Sue Over Breast Milk Ice Cream

We can’t make this stuff up. A British ice cream company called The Licktators is being sued by none other than Lady Gaga herself for manufacturing a delectable ice cream they make from human breast milk called “Royal Baby Gaga.”

According to The Mirror, Gaga’s lawyers have allegedly sent a cease and desist to the company citing trademark infringement. If anything, Gaga’s intentions to stop The Lictator’s from using her famed moniker is really just sweet PR for the company–which they’re milking, of course.

According to the company, the vanilla, lemon & milk flavored treat was actually named to celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte–Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second child. If you don’t believe them, the ice cream tub even featured a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge, not Gaga.

The Licktators

Via The Licktators Facebook

In a post on Facebook, the company stated:

“The Licktators are opposing Gaga on the basis that the disputed word ‘Gaga’ is not a word she can claim copyright on, having a meaning of its own in the Oxford English dictionary as well as being a sound that babies commonly make…Given Lady Gaga does not own the word ‘gaga,’ The Licktators say they will not back down over spurious trademark claims …”

Even though Lady Gaga’s mammary glands are all twisted up in a bunch–clearly, she is not all glittery-goo-goo over the name–she can’t stop people from using a word that’s long been in the dictionary. Shakespeare, she is not.

Maybe it’s about time she started lapping up some chill milk.


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