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Laughing Gas Is Now Offered to Women Giving Birth At Some Hospitals

bottom view of the mask for narcosis in hand in operating room

There’s apparently a new option for women giving birth who don’t want to get an epidural, but who also don’t want to be in excruciating pain for hours and hours (basically what feels like forever). It’s called laughing gas.

According to new NPR report, laughing gas is becoming more popular for managing pain during labor. This isn’t actually new either: It was used in hospitals for pain throughout the mid-1800s to the 1950s, and now it’s coming back.

The Cut explained in their write up that about half of women who give birth receive epidurals during labor–which also means the other half gives birth naturally without pain medication. This new alternative is something that many midwives are happy about, as it’s safer and more mild. As of now, almost 300 U.S. hospitals offer it. Hell yeah for new alternatives and methods of treating pain–especially one that can make you laugh.

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