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Let’s Play the Last Name Mashup Game

New York Times
named the new Jerusalem bureau chief this week. The new chief is already coming under fire for a number of off tweets (don’t you hate it when you mean to DM and you tweet out to the whole world instead? Oops!).

Anyway, all that politics aside, the most interesting thing about Jodi Rudoren is that her last name is made up. Or rather, it’s a combination of her maiden name and her husband’s last name.

Jodi Wilgoren married Gary Ruderman they both became Rudoren. From a 2006 NYT article:

It’s just a made-up moniker, but it is made up of our commitment to equality, with a nod to family history and a dash of out-of-the-box creativity. Most important, it is a name we share and will share with our potential offspring. To me there is no sound so sweet.

So our question to you: If you combined names with your spouse, what would you become? And…is this whole thing ridiculous or sweet?

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