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Love Environmentally Friendly Toys? Enter Our Giveaway to Win a Handmade Jaffa Doll

jaffa dolls

Everyone likes toys, especially dolls, right? Unfortunately, a lot of toys are mass-produced–which means they don’t use environmentally friendly materials, among other factors.

This is why we love Jaffa Dolls. They are colorful dolls handmade using environmentally friendly materials–and they are made by women who are part of a program sponsored by the Arous el-Bahar (Bride of the Sea) Association for Women in Jaffa.

jaffa doll

As you can read on their website, both Jewish and Arab women participate in this empowering organization. Each doll has a heart on it, illustrating the transformative power of love and connection.

Luckily, we did a giveaway, so you and your kids were able get a special (and free!) Jaffa Doll of your own. We chose three winners on Monday, July 18.

However, if you are interested in still getting one, Jaffa Dolls are offering Kveller readers a discount: You can use the discount code KVELL to receive 10% off.

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