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‘Love Is Blind’ Jewish Star Alexa Lemieux Expecting Her First Child

She's excited to share the story of meeting her beau Brennon on the Netflix dating show with their future baby.

Love Is Blind. (L to R) Alexa Alfia, Brennon Lemieux in season 3 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Mitchell Haaseth/Netflix

Via Mitchell Haaseth/Netflix

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux absolutely made us believe in love during the third season of “Love Is Blind.” They had both given up on finding a relationship when Alexa, a Jewish insurance company owner and fashion aficionado, and Brennon, a rodeo-loving sales manager, both from Dallas, Texas, got matched, engaged and married all in the course of one Netflix reality show season.

Two years later, their love is still going strong — and now, they’re expecting their first child together.

The couple announced their pregnancy in a People magazine exclusive and on their Instagram accounts, sharing a video of them reading a fake newspaper called The Baby Times, featuring pictures of both Alexa and Brennon as children and copies of early ultrasounds with the headline “Lemieux: The Next Gen” and “coming to a crib near you summer 2024.”

Alexa also shared a photo of them cradling her baby bump captioned: “The best of me and the best of you, baby Lemieux coming soon.”

In People, Alexa, 29, shared that the couple struggled to conceive, and had been trying for over a year when they decided to take a break for the holidays before starting IVF — and that’s when she discovered she was pregnant.

She talked about how much she loves looking at the mirror and seeing her new bump, but also how she felt broken when she discovered they couldn’t easily get pregnant, and even asked Brennon if it made him question their relationship. He assured her, of course, that he loves her through thick and thin, because he is an adorable mensch.

While Alexa doesn’t believe that women are brought on this earth to have babies, she’s always felt that she in particular was — when she was a child, she recalled people asking her what she wanted to be, and always answering “a mom.”

“Being on the other side of [struggles with] infertility,” she told People, “it’s quite a journey. And I send baby dust to everyone that’s still on their journey, and pray that everyone gets their baby.”

“I’m so excited for one day when our child’s like, ‘How did you guys meet?'” she added. “It’s like, ‘Do you have 10 hours? Sit down, let’s watch a few episodes.'”

On the show, Alexa and Brennon hit it off right away, and the Israeli-born entrepreneur who graduated from Tel Aviv University shared her Jewish identity right off the bat. The couple talked about their love for shakshuka and planned for a shakshuka cook-off, and Alexa shared how she’s always loved cooking with her Jewish family and making Shabbat meals for family and friends.

When they got married on the show, Brennon partook in the traditional breaking of the glass, and even said he would convert for Alexa. While he didn’t end up converting, he does wear a kippah while celebrating Shabbat with her family. Just this Hanukkah, she shared a video of the two of them sharing some chaotic Hanukkah cocktails with her family. Alexa also shared a video of her and her youngest sister making her safta’s — grandma’s — Hanukkah latkes.

Alexa is self-described proud Jew and Israeli citizen, and we’re so excited to see how she’ll pass down her family’s Jewish culture and traditions to her little one.

We’re so thrilled for Alexa and Brennon! B’sha’ah tovah!

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