Madonna Gave a Surprise Concert in NYC to Support Clinton, Shows Us She's a Goddess – Kveller
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Madonna Gave a Surprise Concert in NYC to Support Clinton, Shows Us She’s a Goddess

Did you know that Madonna had a semi-secret pop-up concert yesterday, right in the heart of Greenwich Village? Most people didn’t, because it wasn’t advertised (hence the fact that it was a secret), so only a few hundred people saw her perform. That’s pretty awesome to be one of those people.

The concert was announced online Monday evening, which gave some of her fans enough time to head to the park in time. In all of her pop star glory, Madonna stood in the middle of the round fountain, holding a red guitar and welcomed everyone to “a surprise, impromptu rally for Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Hell yeah. She even changed the lyrics to her song “Express Yourself,” and sang, “Make her express herself.”

Between songs, Madonna didn’t shy away from voicing her opinions:

“Women are marginalized, let’s face it. As far as I’m concerned, we still live in an extremely chauvinist, sexist, misogynist country. And that’s why Hillary Clinton needs to be president.”

Even though the show was just five songs long, it’s truly amazing such a famous musician actually stood outside and had a simple concert supporting the first woman presidential nominee. It says a lot, to me, for someone to stand up for their beliefs–especially in a time when that could lose your friends, fans, and business-relations. But I also believe this is a case where staying silent, just to placate others, is wrong.

One 46-year-old man, Daniel Yontef, said he wouldn’t miss the show for anything, stating how the show was “everything”:

“I was going to hop on a train to Philly; then it seemed like it might be in Michigan — I was refreshing the browser every 10 minutes. Then suddenly at 7 p.m. they said 7:30 here. We left dinner on the table, threw money on the table and jumped in a cab. This is history. This is Madonna, and she’s trying to get the first woman in the White House.”

I wish I had seen it–but even so, I’m just glad it happened–and even more glad we’re all alive in this moment together, to witness history being made.

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