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Mother's Day

Mamaleh Day Gifts: What Debbie Wants

Need some Mother’s Day gift inspiration? We asked our contributing editors the three things they want (and the one thing they can’t actually buy). Now, in order to assure my husband gets me what I want, it’s my turn. Here’s what I’m hoping for this year, honey.

1. Japanese Coffee Funnel

Since becoming a mother I have so few vices. However, the one I have refused to give up on is coffee. My 6-month-old has developed a fondness for early mornings, so we often get up and hang out at 5 am. More fun for her than me, I’m guessing. In those early morning hours I’d like the ability to make one delicious cup of coffee.

2.Dwell Magazine

I’m a sucker for magazines. And pretty houses.







3. Mamaleh Necklace

My life right now (or ever) has nothing in common with that of Carrie Bradshaw. But I’m pretty sure that if Carrie Bradshaw was the editor of Kveller, she would wear this necklace. In gold, of course.




The one thing I want for Mother’s Day that you can’t actually buy:

I want everyone in my house to sleep through the night. In their own bed.

*By purchasing any of the above items through Amazon, a portion of the proceeds will go to support our work at Kveller. It’s a Mother’s Day mitzvah!*

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