Man Thinks He's Getting Apple Watch & Instead Realizes He's Getting a Baby – Kveller
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Man Thinks He’s Getting Apple Watch & Instead Realizes He’s Getting a Baby

When’s a better time to discover you’re going to be a dad than on your birthday? This father-to-be was pranked by his wife when she gave him a gift that appeared to be a swanky Apple item.

Of course, it wasn’t the Apple watch he was longing for–it was a positive pregnancy test. It’s exceptionally hard not to be moved by the dad-to-be’s reaction. OK, we’ll admit it, we cried. There’s no way to hate on sincerity.

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But enough of us being saps, watch his reaction for yourself. We can’t help but smirk at the irony that now he’ll probably never get an Apple watch, considering all of their money will be spent on diapers:

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