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Mark Zuckerberg Is Competitive…About Changing Diapers

And he’s not afraid to say it, either. Obviously, if you’re the founder of Facebook, you’re bound to be a little competitive. Otherwise, you probably would have quit a long time ago. Recently, Zuckerberg told German publisher Axel Springer that he can change a diaper in 20 seconds. That’s pretty darn impressive.

When asked whether or not he was good at changing diapers, the 31-year-old new father smiled and said:

“I’m a pretty competitive guy. So, I timed myself to make sure that I can get better and better and better over time. I got it down to, like, 20 seconds. So, I think that’s pretty good, right?”

It just so happens that his wife, Priscilla Chan, was in the room and was able to vouch for his diaper expertise, stating that it was “true…when there’s no accidents!”

Watch the brief interview below:

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