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‘(Matzah) Brei Brei Brei’ Is the NSYNC Passover Parody of Our Dreams

The winner of Kveller's Passover parody contest was brought to life by Jonah Platt in an unforgettable video.


via Jonah Platt on YouTube

If you’re a millennial like us, NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” is probably the source of many visceral memories for you. For some, that probably includes listening to “No Strings Attached” on a Discman way past your bedtime. For Matt Slater, the winner of Kveller’s 2024 Passover parody contest, the song stirs up memories of the bar and bat mitzvah dance floor.

“I was 13 when the song came out,” Slater tells Kveller over e-mail. “So it’s definitely a song I associate with that time in my life.”

The song will now forever be associated with Passover, with extra thanks for Broadway star Jonah Platt for bringing Slater’s winning entry to life in a *very* special video we’re excited to share with you today.

It’s no surprise that Slater’s parody entry of the song, titled “(Matzah) Brei Brei Brei,” won our second annual Passover parody contest, scoring the most votes out of our five excellent finalists. The lyrics about the popular, sometimes divisive (do you eat it salty or sweet?) breakfast treat made out of matzah and eggs meld perfectly with the rhythm of the song. The 36-year-old father of two from Chicago is also a veteran Passover parody writer. Every year he sends his “Slater Seder Songbook” to family and friends to incorporate into their celebrations.

When we sent the winning lyrics to Platt, who played Fiyero on “Wicked,” to record, we suggested maybe using some hair gel for some extra flair. We knew that the song was going to be pretty amazing, but the parody video he recorded surpasses anything we could have ever imagined. This may actually be the best Passover parody we have ever seen. After watching it, you may never be the same (much like the first time eating matzah brei).

We don’t want to spoil too much about this video, because one really needs to watch it in its full glory, but it features a lot of NSYNC-style dance moves, serious facial expressions, some dangerous stunts with eggs, dancing on kitchen surfaces, a shirtless Jonah Platt donning a very prominent Jewish star necklace, fluffy bathrobes, some award-worthy acting and yes, delicious looking matzah brei made by Platt’s wife Courtney. Platt may sing this song better than the original — not that we’re biased or anything.

We feel so confident about “Brei Brei Brei” that we’re releasing it on the same day Taylor Swift and Raffi share their new albums — truly an auspicious day of music for all.

“Having a Broadway star sing one of the songs I wrote? Truly a dream come true,” Slater says. Thank you to all who participated in this year’s parody contest. Without further ado, please enjoy this most delicious Passover treat:

Lyrics to “(Matzah) Brei Brei Brei” by Matt Slater:
to the tune of “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC

Had…a Seder last night
And…now I want a breakfast bite.
I…know I must choose right, hey baby come on!
Can’t…have bagels and lox,
But…got a full matzah box,
So…what can I make lots of until it’s gone?
I know that I can’t have pancakes
Or jam on rye.
I want a breakfast that tastes great:
Matzah Brei Brei Brei. (Brei Brei!)
I don’t want a simple boring egg.
Need a substitution for my french toast bread.
It’s so tasty, yeah you have to try
Matzah Brei Brei Brei. (Brei Brei!)
I heard making it is not so tough.
Really I’m just hoping that I have enough.
Might sound crazy, but you have to try
Matzah Brei Brei Brei. (Brei Brei!)

Watch the Kveller 2024 Passover parody contest runner-up, “Four Cups of Wine” based on Indigo Girls’ “Closer to Fine” here.

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