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Maya Rudolph Will Stun You in Natasha Lyonne’s Surreal Art Film

Orange Is the New Black star Natasha Lyonne has directed her first film–and it’s a 15 minute short for the fashion brand Kenzo’s new fall-winter 2017 collection. It’s called “Cabiria, Charity, Chastity,” which feautres a fantastic cast, including stars like Maya Rudolph, who plays Chastity, a woman on a journey to discover her true self as she grapples with her past. Also featured are Fred Armisen, Macaulay Culkin, and more.

While the film is centered around a fashion line, the brand doesn’t consider it a fashion film, with the brand’s creative directors Carol Lim telling Adweek how it’s art, not just an ad:

“We don’t like to call them fashion films. I think there is a pretty free way that people will interpret the story and then take it. The clothes are almost secondary in many ways because it needs to fit with the characters.”

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Lyonne, primarily an actor, decided to make the film, because she wants to show that fashion is about liberation:

“It’s worth noting that the world that Carol and Humberto have created sort of allows for a freedom of expression that not many other places accept anymore. Everything has become so homogenized and assembly-line propaganda is put on such a pedestal that really, their world is one of the few places that really allows for sheer liberation and inspiration and it’s something I think is sorely lacking. It allows for mistakes and trying things.”

Check out the surreal film below–it’s worth watching (and the clothes, of course, are fabulous):
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