Mayim Bialik: 5 Things You Wouldn't Have Guessed About the 2015 SAG Awards – Kveller
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Mayim Bialik: 5 Things You Wouldn’t Have Guessed About the 2015 SAG Awards

1. Mom stuff

I had a normal mom day until minutes before I started hair and make-up. Well, maybe you would have guessed that about me if you read my stuff here, but it was super duper normal down to the laundry I had to do and the walk I took with my boys (including my older son making me eat wildflowers). My sons are always the highlight of my day, and on awards show days, that’s still true.

Mayim Bialik eating a wildflower

Mayim Bialik with laundry

2. Prepping

My house is under construction so I got ready at my publicist’s house. I got to watch her do her hair and make-up in literally 20 minutes flat before she rushed out the door to get to the red carpet so she was settled in and ready for when I came. (She has other clients to tend to at these events but always times it out to make me feel like I’m her one and only!) Here’s me and said publicist Heather Weiss of Much & House PR mid-make-up. It took me two hours to get ready; she looked adorable in 20. Wish she could do my hair and make-up so I’d be ready in 20 minutes and not have to sit for so long!

Mayim Bialik and Heather publicist

3. Jewish Star

As I have written here before, I love wearing Jewish-themed jewelry to events. For the Emmy Awards three years ago, I had a custom made mezuzah. This past year at the Emmys, espcially given the goings on in Israel in the summer, I hid a tiny amethyst Jewish star in my statement necklace. This year, the stylist who worked with me, Adena Rohatiner, got me this gorgeous delicate little Jewish star adorned bracelet from Effy Jewelry which she stacked with another bangle. I have never done a Jewish star bracelet and I really like it!

Mayim Bialik star of david bracelet sag awards 2015

(Bonus Jew-friendly factoid: my earrings were by Ivanka Trump, everyone’s favorite Jew-by-choice!)

mayim bialik sag awards 2015

4. Dress

mayim bialik sag awards 2015 full look dress

Christian Siriano designed my dress from scratch. I liked it an awful lot. It was very comfortable and glamorous. One small problem: I realized only when I was standing in line to use the ladies room for the first time since putting it on that the mermaid bottom was too tight to lift up for one to pee. It had to be completely taken off in order to pee. Standing in line with a bunch of strangers in a crowded bathroom at the awards, I hoped that this was a, “We’ve all been there moment,” and I got up the courage to ask the first woman who complimented my dress to unzip me.

She said, “I love your dress!” and I replied, “Thank you! Then I guess you won’t mind unzipping it so I can pee!” The dress was so voluminous I practically took up the whole bathroom for this process and a few women seemed annoyed and squeezed past me, stealing my place in line (the horror!) but I managed to wiggle out of it, pee safely, and then hiked it up and exited the stall, dragging it behind me… I asked another kind woman to zip me up. I was all sweaty from the red carpet and felt awful for this stranger to have to zip me up all sweaty, but what else could I do?! Here’s my dress on the bathroom floor.

mayim bialik sag awards dress on floor

5. Happy to be home

No surprise there. So glad I survived another awards show intact!

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