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Mayim Bialik, Aly Raisman & Other Jewish Celebrities Celebrate International Women’s Day

aly raisman

Today is International Women’s Day. This is how some of our favorite Jewish celebrities have commemorated the day on social media. While we should be celebrating, supporting, and championing women everyday, having a reminder to do so is never a bad thing. Plus, it’s a way to educate our kids not only about women’s equality, but on all the cool women who have changed history, like Hedy Lamarr.

Check out some of the social media posts below:

Today is International Women’s Day. There is an initiative to wear red, not to spend money, not to go to work, to do what you can to remind the world how essential women are. If you can’t do any of these things, if your life prohibits you from doing so, don’t. If you want to support the initiative in your own way, you can. If you don’t care, then keep it moving. I’m done with overly simplistic comments from people who are looking to complain about celebrities and their privilege. I’m aware of my privilege and that doesn’t make me care any less. Let’s remember that a reality star born into wealth is now President. (Also, a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women) Some of you complaining voted for him. So there is a disconnect. In any event, women all over the world, including this country, are struggling for equality. I stand with them. #internationalwomensday

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