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Mayim Bialik: Download Kveller’s Awesome New Baby Name App

One of my favorite things to do when I was pregnant was to look up baby names. I’m not typically “feminine” in a lot of ways and I never, for example, planned my fantasy wedding on my first date with a guy. I never spent any time fantasizing about what bedding to use for my baby’s crib (I never used a crib, as a matter of fact). However, one thing I really did enjoy when I was pregnant was looking at baby names and seeing what they mean and what kinds of names different cultures have.

In my family, we name babies with the Hebrew name of the most closely related relative of the same gender. So, my sons are named for both of my grandfathers, Meir and Ephraim Hirsch. It is also customary in my family to choose an English name beginning with the first initial of the Hebrew name. For example, my son Miles is named for my grandpa Meir and my Frederick is Ephraim. (Pronounce the “PH” in Ephraim and you’ll hear what the guards at Ellis Island heard when they gave my immigrant, non-English speaking grandpa the American name “Frank”…).

Well, let me tell you something: I wish I had Kveller in my life during my pregnancies! Kveller, in all of its progressive hipness, worked with G-dcast to create a new app for the iPhone and iPad which is an awesome baby naming app! You can look up names in Hebrew, English, and even Yiddish. You can learn what the names mean, variations of those names, and even ways to change the gender of those names, if that floats your boat.

Download the free app here!

Shucks, it almost makes me wish I was pregnant again… almost. In the way that “almost” can sometimes mean “not really.”

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