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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik Flashes Piers Morgan on TV

You probably just read that headline five times. Because I, too, sat in disbelief when the news hit. But Mayim Bialik, who is outspoken about dressing modestlydid in fact flash Piers Morgan on TV… but not for the reason you think.

She did it as a sign of solidarity in response to Susan Sarandon’s #CleavageGate. So, what’s the low down?

Morgan joined our favorite Jewish actress and Kveller contributor on Monday’s “Late Late Show” and got more than he bargained for when he explained his recent Twitter feud with Susan Sarandon. In case you missed it, here’s the gist: Morgan aired his opinion on Twitter after the 2016 SAG Awards that he found it “inappropriate” for 69-year-old Sarandon to show her cleavage while presenting the In Memoriam segment. Ugh, get over it, dude.

Of course, Sarandon fired back.  

After Morgan finished telling his side of the story on “The Late Late Show,” Mayim stated in all her glory, “I identify as a feminist and I’m going to do it this way.” And that’s when the magic happened: She stood up, turned her back to the cameras, and flashed him. The audience cheered uproariously. Morgan said he felt “deeply punished,” and added, “Of all the things I thought would happen on this couch tonight, that was not one of them.”

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After all of the joking around, Piers tried to smooth over his comments by saying, “I have no problem with cleavage…I love cleavages.” Too late now, eh?

Mayim also has some choice words in defense of her “flashing incident”:

Watch the moment for yourself here:

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