Mayim Bialik Goes to Legoland--and Poses With a Life-Sized Crocodile – Kveller
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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik Goes to Legoland–and Poses With a Life-Sized Crocodile


I took my sons to the opening of the California Legoland Resort last week. No ex, no mother-in-law, just me and my boys.

Carlsbad is about two hours south of Los Angeles, and Legoland is, in my opinion, a wonderful place to take small children who enjoy Legos and who have never seen a Disney movie, except for “The Prince of Egypt” (which I wrote up here) and thus aren’t particularly enthralled with Disneyland per se.

Chima, in case you’ve been living under a rock which is not made of Lego, is a fantasy world created by Lego which is featured in a popular cartoon in which you can buy numerous (expensive) Lego sets of. In the world of Chima, crocodiles, lions, ravens, rhinoceroses, and bears all live in a world governed by an energy force called Chi which they need to harvest and protect in a variety of fascinating situations. Yes, that was a tiny bit of sarcasm. But all sarcasm aside, I kind of like that Chima does not involve an already existing movie or set of characters that simply now exist in Lego form. Rather, this is an entire world created out of the imagination of Lego which I kind of dig.

The water park features attractions specific to Chima and there was a variety of local press present for the opening, as well as some other actors and their families. We did something we’ve never done before: we stayed at the Legoland hotel the night before the opening. My manager, a few of her clients, and her toddler did the same and we had a total blast enjoying the hotel itself as well as the buffet, which not only had a ton of delicious vegan options, but also felt like a buffet on the best cruise ever. It was so much fun.

Here are some photo highlights of our Legoland trip. I wore my tznius Hydrochic bathing suit (which I have written about here), that I love because it made me look super cute, kept me safe from getting sunburned, and I did not have to worry that parts of me that I hate were showing, because the only things showing were basically my calves and my forearms which don’t look at all like they have born children. Just about every other square inch of my body seems like it screams, “We used to look different before kids!” Anyway, I like my Hydrochic bathing suit.

My boys chose the room at the hotel with the “Knights” theme. They had their own little room with bunk beds (including a trundle bed in case we had a third child with us), but here is my awesome grown-up bed.

Here is one of the most awesome things about the Legoland hotel: it’s super kid friendly, down to the kid’s insert in the toilet in the bathroom.

Here is the super shallow pool which my little man who doesn’t yet swim found especially amazing.

Yes, there is even a kid’s height peephole in the door. I found this particularly endearing.

Here’s me in the hallway of the Knights wing of the hotel. (The other choices for rooms are pirates and I think adventure something or other and maybe something princess-y, but I’m not sure.)

Here’s one of the main play areas which we spent the most time in!

Legoland is expensive and I know it’s not for everyone, but we really enjoyed it and I am pretty sure we will be going back soon. Thank you, Legoland, for a great day!

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