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Mayim Bialik: How I Spent the Last Days of Passover

The eight days of Passover are over as of last night. Here are the highlights of my days of Chol Ha’Moed (the intermediate days) and the final religious days of the holiday.

1. Heartburn. Never had it in my life. Apparently, it happens to a lot of people from matzah. So I’m a vegan. And I don’t eat
during Passover (beans, corn, rice, etc). And I basically was unable to eat matzah for the final four days. Try and think of what I could eat. Not a lot. It was lots of fruit, spinach with Russian dressing, nuts, and dates. And some BBQ potato chips. And the last of the corn syrup-free Passover Coke. Mama was hungry. And pretty grumpy.

2. Universal Studios.

The ex and I took the kids to Universal Studios to go on the new “Despicable Me” ride. The adventure of going to Universal was pretty much like my experiences taking my kids to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, but with less things for my Little Man to do and, thus, more of him and me just hanging around waiting for FirstBorn and the ex to finish stuff. But Little Man is infinitely patient and we did fine walking about and looking in gift shops. The “Despicable Me” ride is all kinds of awesome, and we all enjoyed that. I recommend it highly!

3. Eating Out.

I don’t eat out during Passover so Universal Studios lunch looked like this:

And my kids looked like healthy eaters rather than just kosher vegans during Passover since they ate quinoa with Russian dressing and raw carrots dipped in Russian dressing as their lunch at Universal Studios. Yeah, we were those Jews.

4. Season Finale.

We filmed the season finale of the 7th season of “The Big Bang Theory” last night. It was a great episode. Really nice. You’ll love it. A lot is up in the air, and it’s really funny. Here’s a selfie I took last night before my hair was straightened before the show. See how happy I look? It’s kind of like the last day of school before summer vacation!

Now that I am on hiatus, I do some publicity stuff. I do some traveling for work and some speaking engagements, and some for fun. I see my sons more and do normal mom things. And as soon as their classes end (yes, even homeschool kids have a summer break!), I hope to do beach things with them and just have some down time before we start Season 8 in August. And I have a ton of not very exciting, but necessary construction that I have to do on my house. That’s the summer plan.

I hope everyone had a lovely Passover and Easter. Happy Spring.

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