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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik Just Made a Major Announcement About Her New Book

Mayim Bialik just made a major announcement–and it’s literally the best thing ever. She’s publishing a new book on how to grow up and be an intelligent and fantastic female.

The book “Girling Up: How to be Strong, Smart and Spectacular” is due out in May 2017 from Philomel Books, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers. Mayim wrote the book as “an exploration of everything about being female.” On her site GrokNation, she went on to explain what it’s about, and why she wrote it:

“I use my neuroscience background, my experience as a female growing up in the public eye who was also a late bloomer, and tons of interesting facts and inspiration from the global experience that is being a girl becoming a woman.

I cover everything from anatomy to psychology to dating to exercise to nutrition to eating disorders to coping with hard stuff life throws at you. I talk about building a life that you love and being a part of the world in the unique way we females get to be a part of it. It’s been such a true labor of love to write this book.”

As a feminist, I can’t wait to pick up the book myself, even though I’m clearly way older than the intended audience (although I can always pretend). It’s so refreshing to see the exploration of womanhood and girlhood finally start to get the place it deserves in the writing and literary community.

There need to be more honest accounts and resources that deal with hard topics (like eating disorders) for women. (For instance, as much as I loved the film “Boyhood,” did we really need another account of a white boy/man growing up? What about “Girlhood”?)

Way to go, Mayim. Keep on rocking.

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