Mayim Bialik: Let's Talk About Pumpkins & "The Big Bang Theory" (Spoiler-Free!) – Kveller
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Mayim Bialik: Let’s Talk About Pumpkins & “The Big Bang Theory” (Spoiler-Free!)

Chag Sameach to all of you who have celebrated the fall harvest festival of Sukkot and Simchat Torah—now we are all done with holidays for the fall!

I wanted to give you my “Top 3 Things Happening Now” regarding Sukkot, autumn, and what’s new in “The Big Bang Theory” world I live in.


1. We celebrated my older son’s 9th birthday in the sukkah with my ex and his mom (my awesome used-to-be-Mormon-but-converted-to-Judaism-after-I-got-married-mother-in-law who I still call mother-in-law even though I am divorced). It was very nice. I ordered proper schach this year for the first time, which is the palm fronds that make up the roof of the sukkah. In the past, we used bamboo. This is the first sukkah I have had post-divorce. It was hard in a lot of ways, as divorced mamas know. But it’s good. It’s OK.

2. I don’t really like Halloween (shocking, I know, given my love of all things pop culture like “Frozen” and Ariana Grande billboards). However, I do like the harvest vibe of October, even in sunny Southern California. I like pumpkin festivals and hay rides (as long as they are short because I am allergic–oy, could I sound any more like Woody Allen right now?!).

Descanso Gardens here in La Canada has something called “The Rise of The Jack O’ Lanterns” which is an evening festival of carved pumpkins, but carved not like regular pumpkins, but with portraits of people, and entire dinosaurs made up of dozens of carved pumpkins. It’s so amazing.

There was a “Big Bang” section of carved pumpkins, wouldn’t you know it, which I had to tell my boys about beforehand, since they don’t watch me on TV but they would have recognized their mom on a pumpkin and might have announced it to the hundreds of people there… Anyway. My kids saw my face on a pumpkin. We were all kind of freaked out but tried to play it cool.

We went with my friend and her son and her parents. When they asked what the “Big Bang” pumpkins were (guess they don’t watch the show), we had to let them know that it was me on the third pumpkin from the left. My friend’s dad said, “WHAT!?” It was hysterical. He could not compute why his daughter’s frumpy dumpy friend Mayim was on a pumpkin. Amazing.

3. This episode of “Big Bang” we are filming now is big. Big stuff. Fancy eye shadow for me is involved. And wavy hair for the first time since I joined the cast four years ago. It’s sweet. Lots of fanciness. And some great Sheldon and Amy stuff. You’re going to be very surprised. And delighted. That’s all you get…!

I love this time of year. I love the air starting to get chilly. I love the leaves that turn colors, even though most trees in Los Angeles don’t do that. But it makes the ones that do even more special. You have to seek them out.

The season for growth is here. Regeneration, too. Renewal perhaps. Maybe even something revelatory.

You never know.

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