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Mayim Bialik: Not a Fan of Halloween but Definitely a Fan of Crocheted Beards


I’m not super into Halloween in general. I guess I was as a kid, but my healthy mom wouldn’t let me eat unhealthy candy much. I have some nice memories of trick-or-treating with friends with our parents supervising, but it’s just not my thing at all. And I hate being scared. Like really hate it. Like it makes me cry.

My dislike of Halloween isn’t just because I’m traditionally inclined in the religiously Jewish way, although that may have become part of it in the past 15 years. We have so many interesting and fun and meaningful and spiritually uplifting holidays in Judaism, and we also have the outrageously cool dress-up festival of Purim in the spring, and my boys have always been so gentle and shy and scared of scary things that Halloween has never been a huge thing for any of us.

But they’re older now, and our homeschool community’s Halloween festivities are more of a draw. I participated in a community dance party we all went to; just like Disneyland, it was me, the ex, and the kids. I wore this “BeardHead” hat with attached crocheted beard which I must admit was an easy and pretty fantastic costume if you pair it with a plaid shirt and fleece vest and hiking boots and go as a lumberjack. Which I may have done.

Beyond that, I appreciate those who appreciate Halloween but it’s just not my cup of tea. Here’s how I bought my sons’ candy off of them last year for a bit more insight into me and Halloween.

For those of you partaking, enjoy. And don’t let your kids eat too much candy. And watch them carefully when they go out and about, and have a safe Halloween.

And don’t worry if they turn into adults who hate Halloween because they get the living daylights scared out of them one too many times this Halloween. Adults who hate Halloween can still be a lot of fun. Crocheted beards are my best piece of evidence to support that.

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