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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik Tries on ‘Blossom’ Hat, Makes Everyone Feel Nostalgic

mayim bialik

On today’s episode of “Good Mythical Morning,” a YouTube comedy show, actress Mayim Bialik was the guest star. Bialik currently stars on “The Big Bang Theory” as Amy Fowler. During the episode, Bialik played a game of “What’s On My Head?”— and let me just say, what ensued was hilarious.

This self-explanatory game basically means each person takes turns to place an object on their head (without looking!) and then asks others yes or no questions to figure out what’s actually up there, perched on their noggin. Bialik, who as we all know was a child actress known for starring on the ’90s show “Blossom,” was taken back to that glorious era when the show’s hosts, Rhett and Link, decided to put an exact replica of Blossom’s famed floppy hat on her head. Did she guess it correctly?

Watch the episode below to find out.

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