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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik: Why Hosting “Candid Camera” is So Much Fun

Why is hosting “Candid Camera” with Peter Funt so much fun?

1. I get to be a part of a television legend. Peter’s father, Alan, created “Candid Camera” almost 60 years ago. It is the original hidden camera reality show.

2. I get to laugh. “Candid Camera” is my style of humor and I seriously laugh so hard. I don’t see the clips before we film in front of a live audience but watch them together, so you are seeing my actual reactions on camera. Laughing is good for the soul!

3. I get to wear outfits unlike any I’ve ever worn. Ja’Niya Walker is styling me (she styled my Cliché Magazine shoot, too) and she has me wearing white stiletto pumps, other such outside-of-my-comfort-zone heels, bold colors, patterns, and gobs of crazy rings and statement necklaces. It’s fun to play fun Mayim!

4. I get a new friend. Peter and I really gel. On camera, I like our banter. Off camera, he’s a riot. So smart. So gifted at understanding what’s funny and what’s not. Super at multi-tasking. And he draws pictures using my ring as his starting point sometimes. Don’t let his suits and silver mane fool you; he’s one righteously fun dude.

5. I get to not miss out on my kids as much as you’d think. We film a few episodes at a time and 10 episodes take about five days to film, spread out over a few months. It’s a great gig, especially because for the most part, my kids can watch the episodes. They’ve never seen an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” or “Blossom,” but this is generally totally kid-friendly and works with their sense of humor too.

As for Mama looking all fancy in white high heels and such? That they could do without. Can’t win everyone’s heart all the time, right?

If you haven’t yet, tune in and watch how much fun we have and how many laughs we inspire with “Candid Camera” on TV Land for the next four Tuesdays at 8/7c.

You’ll be glad you did!

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