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Mayim Bialik: Why UCLA is a Safe Space for All Jewish Students

Admissions time for college means decision making. I posted earlier this week about the gap year program I wish my sons were ready for. Many of us have young kids years from college decision-making, but what’s been in the news regarding the charges of anti-Semitism against my alma mater, UCLA, has me thinking and wondering about Jewish identity on campuses. Our own Alina Adams expressed explicit concern about it, because it’s a legitimate concern.

I wrote my response to Alina’s concerns and included the UCLA student government’s responses to the nonsense that offended so many and outraged so many, myself included.

I wanted to post a new link to the response from a broad variety of Jewish students at UCLA, though, to really drive the point home that UCLA–and so many universities–remain safe places for Jews despite the challenges of anti-Semitism, bigotry, hatred, and ignorance all around us.

I would still choose UCLA again and again as any kind of Jewish student: liberal, conservative, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, kippah-wearing dude or tichel-sporting dudette.

Read here about what UCLA students say about being Jewish at our school; and know that when given loving empowerment, a wide variety of options for engagement, and the support of teachers, staff, and the larger community, every Jewish student has the ability to be a leader and to feel at home at their school.

My choice was–and still is–UCLA, for all of my academic, social, religious, and cultural needs. Whatever you and your kids choose, read this statement to have your faith in Jewish identity restored and rejuvenated.

Happy deciding!

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