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Mayim Bialik’s Hunt for the 2013 Emmys Dress Continues

Have you forgotten it’s Emmy season? Well, I haven’t. Besides being nominated for the second time for a Supporting Actress Emmy, which is still blowing my mind, I couldn’t forget it’s Emmy season if I tried because I have to find a flippin’ dress and I have not found one yet and I don’t really dig this aspect of awards season or life.

It would be an understatement to say that there are more important things going on in the world than this dress, and it’s actually hard to keep writing about dresses with the situation in Egypt, the chemical attacks in Syria, and Chelsea Manning (nee Bradley–wow), but I am an entertainer, and I am part of the complexity of the entertainment world and if you are reading this, in your own way, you are too. And that’s fine. We’re all good.


Last I wrote, in the first week of August, the dress hunt had started. I was trusting my stylist, Alison Kahn, and I was full of anxiety but also trusting in Ali. Well, here’s what’s happened: Ali had interest from a big designer whose name will not be mentioned. Why? Because turns out Ali contacted him in June and it’s now the end of August and we still have nothing from him. We got one not-right-at-all dress to try on, but it didn’t at all seem like he was able to make changes to it or design something else. And we got nothing else. And now there’s not time for him to design something. So that happened.

Ali and I were both very disappointed, and we wish we would have known last month that this wasn’t going to happen… It has led to a lot of anxiety over lost time (my anxiety), a lot of anxiety over what to do next (mine again), a lot of annoyance with the fact that I will never get the time back that I have spent thinking about this darn dress (yup, still me), and a lot of excitement over how awesome this all is and how amazing it’s going to be (that would be stylist Ali).

The positive news is we have interest from two other designers, neither of which will be named yet. They are both excited about me and apparently not (too) intimidated by my 
 (modesty) restrictions (i.e., long sleeves, no unnatural cleavage, no crazy low open back, nothing above the knee). We have some colors we know I look good in which you, the fashion-savvy public, have been posting that you like me in. (Yes, Ali listens!) So we are on our way.

It’s about a month until the Emmys and within the next week, we hope to make a final decision about the designer and the basic outline of the dress.

Ali is very excited about shoes and purses and jewelry which is great for her because in her line of work, it’s important to be excited about those things. Me? Not so much. Whatever she gets will be fine, great, nice, good. Just let the heels not be too tall since I will be on my feet for hours possibly tripping over my or other actresses’ dresses on the red carpet.

Now I can sit back and wait for designers’ designs. And I can get back to my acting, the publicity I have leading up to the Emmys, and parenting my kids. And also watching the news and wondering why the world was created to be so complicated. And also being amazed that the human brain and experience can hold both tragedy and excitement and anxiety and relief all at the same time.

Onward. Onward.

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