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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Does Mexico with Kids, A Best Friend & Some Cerveza

This is an ad for cologne featuring my fake boyfriend in the Puerto Vallarta airport.

Remember last year when I posted about going to Mexico with my family? And wearing my awesome modest bathing suit?

Well, I did it again last weekend with my boys. This time, I went to the Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit near Puerto Vallarta. I took my oldest bestie and her daughter and it was really lovely. We swam in the pool, admired iguanas who lived near the hotel, ate more guacamole than I care to admit, and took a boat trip to a private beach.

Can you spot the iguana?

You should know that my little guy doesn’t much like boats. He sort of goes into the human equivalent of a turtle shell. I talk him through it, and it’s not like he’s screaming or crying or overtly suffering; I see it as a new experience I am trying to make him comfortable with.

Nevertheless, Fred definitely does not like boats at all, period, no way. Here’s me in my awesome HydroChic modest bathing suit coping with his not-coping-well with the boat. Yes, that’s a delicious and refreshing Cerveza I am drinking.

Here is what the hotel looked like.

Nice, huh? It was gorgeous.

Vacationing with children is never truly relaxing, but my friend and I did take turns going to the spa and having the other watch all of the kids. We traded stories after the spa about how hard it is watching more than your own kid when you’re not used to it. And we compared being-wrapped-in-seaweed stories. She remarked that since I told her the seaweed gets very hot and that I almost freaked out, she freaked out less knowing that was “normal” for this treatment. That’s what friends are for: almost having a panic/claustrophobia attack while being wrapped like a human seaweed pack of Jiffy-Pop before you so you freak out less.

View of Los Arcos from our boat.

I hope everyone’s summer is shaping up nicely. Happy summer!

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