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Men Never Gave Up Subway Seats for This Pregnant Mom, So She Did This


We all know that it can be difficult being pregnant when you live in a city where you take a subway everywhere–because it means you often don’t have the luxury of sitting down. And that can be pretty frustrating when you’re, say, eight months pregnant and no one on the train has the courtesy and compassion to give up their seat.

This is why one woman created an award to give to the first man who gave up his seat for her–because apparently, despite two pregnancies, no man ever did. What the heck?! Yvonne Lynn, a mom who lives in New York City, ordered a trophy from Amazon that she personalized for the special guy who became The One–you know, The One to Offer His Seat. Her video was then posted on the Now This Facebook page–and has since garnered over 450k views. Because, as I’m sure you agree, this is not an unusual occurrence.

Watch the video below to find out what happened:

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