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Mila Kunis Gives Her Daughter Wine, Because Shabbat

Mila Kunis has admitted to giving her 3-year-old daughter wine “since she was born.” Kunis, who is starring in “A Bad Moms Christmas,” recently revealed that she celebrates Shabbat with her family — and lets her little girl, Wyatt Isabelle, have a sip of wine during celebrations.

The mom of two, who is married to Ashton Kutcher, opened up in an interview with People about how she and Kutcher make Shabbat a tradition. In the interview, she spoke alongside her movie co-star Kristin Bell, who admitted that her neighbors have seen her giving her daughter non-alcoholic beer — to which Kunis one-upped her:

Want me to make you feel better? We do Shabbat in our house. At Shabbat you have a sip of wine. My daughter has had a sip of wine since she was born.
Friday mornings [when she] wakes up and I’m like, “It’s Friday,’ she goes, ‘I can have wine?!”

“A Bad Moms Christmas,” which also stars Susan Sarandon, comes out on November 1.

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