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Mom’s Plea to Other Parents: ‘Keep Sick Kids Home’

Making sure not to spread germs around is pretty important, especially for kids. Most parents, if not all, prefer to have sick children with contagious illnesses stay at home–it seems like common sense so the germs aren’t spread to others. Well, one mom wants to drill this idea home, because in her daughter’s case, it had severe ramifications.

Laura Correada-Silva’s 3-year-old daughter was playing with her sick cousin over the holiday–which is how she landed in the hospital with a serious respiratory infection. Silva ended up sharing what happened on Imgur in hopes of sending a warning out to other parents: Keep your kids at home when they are sick. She wrote:

“Please. If your child has a cold, or a flu, or an upper respiratory infection, please keep them home and take care of them. 

My brother presented her like, ‘Oh she has a lung infection but she shouldn’t be contagious.’”

The photo Silva shared shows her 3-year-old Chloe in a ICU bed, being treated for respiratory syncytial virus infection. It’s especially bad as Chloe suffers from asthma. Thankfully, Chloe is getting better and will make a full recovery, but this is a lesson for all parents to take to heart: You never know how another kid may react to a virus, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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