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Mom’s Texts to Daughter Over Family Cat’s Ice Cream Are Hilarious

Eating someone else’s ice cream is never a good idea, right? But it’s especially hard when said ice cream is just sitting there WAITING to be eaten in the freezer. Well, Jenny Katz learned this lesson the hard way when she found out she ate the cat’s ice cream while in a text convo with her mom. Her mom, Debbie, was not please.

You see, the family cat, 17-year-old Coco, just loves Dreyer’s French vanilla ice cream–and has some every night. Recently, Katz told Buzzfeed that Coco is “treated like royalty,” so you know this didn’t end well.

When Debbie saw the ice cream was gone one night, she immediately texted her daughter to find out why. Their exchanges are pretty hilarious:



Coco may just be a cat to Jenny, but she’s basically another daughter to Debbie. Clearly, this conversation is an innocent joke, but it’s no secret that the family pet really IS the best. I mean, cats can’t talk back–and while they may be independent, they just love a good pet.


Also, how cute is this video of Coco finally getting some ice cream?

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