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Natalie Portman Says She’s Just ‘Your Average Jewish Mother’

You may have seen the previews for Natalie Portman’s newest film, a Wild West epic “Jane Got a Gun.” If you haven’t, you’re definitely in for a surprise. Portman, who is the main star and producer, plays a woman who needs to defend her family from an outlaw.

In an interview with Page Six, Portman described how making the film hasn’t been the easiest process–from delays to bad weather to actor replacements to legal challenges–it definitely took a lot of patience. Because of this, she used her Jewish mother skills to make sure everyone felt comfortable on-set, stating:

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“But there were so many obstacles. We lost the director early on. Actors changed. We suffered financial and legal challenges. We endured so many replacements. There were delays. The weather was unforgiving. Sandstorms. Rains in April.

That’s why I, just basically your average everyday Jewish mother, would go around asking everyone, ‘You OK? . . . You all right?’ I have a child. I know what it’s like to care for a baby. But to do that with the civilization’s surrounding toughness, to make that journey and survive it. That’s the story.”

I admit, it’s a little hard for me to imagine Portman, a famed actress who shows up at the Cannes in designer gowns, as an “average everyday” Jewish mother (because, how many of us are actually jet-setting?), but it is also important to realize that fame and wealth only go so far. Yes, it makes life easier if you can pay for childcare without stress, but at the end of the day, being a parent is still your sole job.

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