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natalie portman

Natalie Portman Shares Her Nighttime Beauty Ritual

Natalie Portman has been a style icon for years–really, ever since she appeared onscreen as a young girl in “Leon the Professional” with that flapper-esque bob. Now, as a mom, actor, director, and the face of Dior Beauty (including the brand’s new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum), Portman clearly knows a thing or two about beauty–and how to (seemingly) effortlessly look good.

When it comes to beauty standards, Portman cites her own mom at teaching her not to focus on “external beauty” but just being a good person, which she explained to The Cut:

“I was lucky enough to have my mom never really talk to me about external beauty in any way. She was always focused on being a good person and kindness. It was really how you behaved and feel about yourself and not to try to look a certain way for other people.”

When it comes to Hollywood’s ridiculous beauty standards, however, Portman talked about the double standard between male and female actors, which “bums” her out:

“I do get upset by the disparity between actresses and actors. When I go to a question-and-answer session, I have to go through two hours of makeup. The actor gets to roll out of bed. That really bums me out. I’ve spent a lot of time getting hair and makeup done in my life. I could have written five books in that time — not that I would have. But it does feel like a lot of that time could be spent doing other positive things.

It’s unfortunately part of what we do. Appearance matters. That’s also the nice thing about acting — then people relate to the roles you do. Even if they look at you in a magazine and judge you in a 2-D way, they can see your work and hopefully relate to you as a human being. You can have an emotional impact.”

Of course, this isn’t to say that Portman doesn’t love fashion and wearing makeup–and it doesn’t conflict with her ideas about feminism. For her, it’s just about presenting the way she wants, and allowing women to dress the way that makes them feel good and sexy. Women, she said, “should follow her own desire.” She went on to say:

“It’s about making yourself feel happy. If wearing no makeup makes you happy, that’s great. It’s about allowing yourself to feel joy and find beauty.”

So, what’s her beauty secrets? Portman shared her nighttime beauty routine, owing it to being vegan and moisturizing:

“I’m vegan and I found my skin was much, much better when I was a vegetarian. I cut out dairy and eggs, and I never had a breakout after. That was definitely a discovery. It’s personal; everyone has different sensitivity. I also did it when I was 30, so it might have been an age thing.

I wash my face with the Joelle Ciocco face wash and toner. I’ll use a little bit of Bioderma makeup remover. Then I moisturize with Pai — it’s organic — and I use their eye cream. They have a rose oil. Sometimes, I’ll do the moisturizing mask if I’m flying. I like the way all these products smell. They feel nice, and the scents make a difference.”

Time to get out those face masks at night, am I right? It can be relaxing after all, and God only knows how much you need to relax right now.

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