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Natalie Portman’s Baby Naming Contest Winner

Natalie Portman’s due date may not be until summer, but we’ve already got the hardest part of having a baby (besides being pregnant for nine months and giving birth) covered: choosing a name!

We got some great entries for our Name Natalie Portman’s Baby Contest, but our favorite one made us laugh the most. Without further ado, the winner is:

The winning entry came from Jon Gordon of New Jersey. Your prize package, two Yiddish-ly awesome onesies from A Jewish Beginning, are in the mail.  Congrats, Jon! You have a very specific kind of naming career in your future.

UPDATE: We promise that the contest wasn’t rigged, but we just realized our winner, Jon Gordon, is married to our very own blogger, Jordana Horn. Congratulations, you crazy kvellers.

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