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Nate Berkus’ Daughter Has a Nursery Nicer Than Your Entire House

Nate Berkus, Jewish interior designer and star of NBC’s “The Nate Burkus Show,” and his husband Jeremiah Brent just unleashed their proudest accomplishment yet: the couple designed a nursery for their 5-month-old daughter, Poppy, in their Greenwich Village apartment, which was featured in the October issue of Architectural Digest

While her nursery is just the cutest thing ever–I mean, she has a fuzzy teepee and chic black-and-white photographs embellishing her surrounding–we can’t help but feel jealous. We want our houses to look like this.

nate berkus


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Their love of design and family is evident, as they seamlessly wove both together–Berkus, who was a regular featured guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” explained how creating a home gives a family impetus to create beautiful memories:

“Everyone should be able to sit in a room with pieces that spark memories. If you create the feeling that a home is a vessel for stories and memories, you have succeeded…Great design is like great love: You trust your gut.”

nate berkus


You can actually peek into the couple’s home yourself by watching this short video–and become even more jealous of their huge walk-in closet. Nate Berkus, will you redecorate for us and make our homes into luxurious memory makers? If not, we’ll just daydream and pretend this is where we live:

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