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Netflix Picks Up New Series ‘Atypical’ About Autism Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh

jennifer jason leigh

In awesome news, Netflix has picked up a new original comedy series called “Atypical,” which is about Sam, a teenage boy with autism spectrum disorder. The show centers on his journey to find love and acceptance–you know, those things we all want.

The eight-episode series stars Keir Gilchrist as Sam and Jennifer Jason Leigh as his mother. What makes it controversial, however, is the fact that none of the cast members are on the autism spectrum.

As of now, “Atypical” is the second comedy show to focus on special needs to be picked up by a major network this year. ABC’s “Speechless,” about a teen with cerebral palsy, was picked up for a full first season following the success of its pilot episode.

“Atypical” will begin production later this year in Los Angeles. We can’t wait to see its debut.

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