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New Andrew Garfield Movie Portrays Disability Advocate’s Life

There’s a new film coming out in October, and you may want to see it–especially if you or someone in your family has a disability. The film, “Breathe,” starring Andrew Garfield, is about one of the U.K.’s first disability advocates, Robin Cavendish.

According to The Mighty, “Cavendish was an adventurous young man whose life was nearly cut short after he developed polio in 1958 at age 28. Although he was paralyzed from the neck down, unable to breathe without a respirator and told he had only a few months to live, Cavendish fought to leave the hospital, with the help of his pregnant wife Diana.”

Cavendish created the first wheelchair with a built-in respirator, which forever changed the lives of many. One of the more poignant scenes in the preview is when Garfield, as Cavendish, says, “Why do you keep your disabled people in prison?”

Andy Serkis, who is known for voicing Gollum in the “Lord of the Rings,” directed the film, while Jonathan Cavendish, the son of Robin and Diana Cavendish, produced the film. Diana, Robin’s wife, also served as a consultant on the film.

Watch the preview below:

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