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New Series Chronicles 5 Badass Women Running for Office

In a time of political unrest, confusion, and chaos, many women have become more politically active; some of them have even chosen to throw their proverbial hats into the ring. A new web series seeks to highlight that phenomenon, focusing on five women who are running for office in municipal, state and congressional races. Called “She’s the Ticket,” the series highlights just how far we have to go — explaining that women still make up less than 25 percent of our elected officials.

Laura Moser, one of the series’ subjects, may be familiar to you; she’s the mother of the toddler who famously threw a tantrum at President Obama’s feet in 2015.

Moser decided to run after the 2016 election, saying that, especially as a mom, she could no longer ignore the racism and sexism so prevalent in the U.S. In an essay she wrote previously for Vogue, she shared her intentions:

I wanted to bring more compassion into government, while working on both national and local initiatives — from the rights of immigrants and women, environmental protections, and access to health care to Houston’s inadequate public-transportation system, traffic gridlock, and decaying infrastructure.

My grandfather arrived in Houston in 1942 as a refugee from Nazi Germany. He had lost everything — his profession, his language, his money — but the city welcomed him, as it has hundreds of thousands of immigrants over the years. Because of my family history, Houston had always represented to me a place of hope and possibility, where totally dissimilar people could come together and make their own stories.

I married a man whose Hindu father grew up in the rural north of India and whose Jewish mother grew up in the Bronx. Our Jewish children, with their father’s Indian last name and their mother’s bright-blue eyes, were now residents of the most diverse city in America.

In addition to Moser, “She’s the Ticket” features Stacey Abrams (running for Governor of Georgia), Jennifer Carroll Foy (running for Virginia Delegate), Christine Liu Chen (running for State Senate in New Jersey) and Crystal Murillo (running for City Council in Aurora, Colorado). All five women are super impressive.

Check out the preview episode below:

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