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New Year, New Kveller

Dear Kvellers,

Welcome to 2015! We hope you all had a wonderful end to your year, spent with family, friends, and lots of baked goods. As for us? Well, we haven’t been up to much. Besides, oh yeah, bringing you A SHINY NEW WEBSITE.

By now you’ve probably noticed that things look pretty different around here. We’ve been hard at work over the past year to design a new site that’s both beautiful (in our humble opinion) and easier to navigate for our awesome readers (that would be you).

So what’s changed?

A new logo. Check it out. Nu, pretty classy?

A new homepage. Now, you’ll see all the latest blog posts right when you get to

Mobile/Tablet-friendly interface. We know you guys are on the go, with most of you reading Kveller from your phone or tablet. This will make that experience a lot better.

So what hasn’t changed? The heart of Kveller comes down to our writers, and the stories they choose to share with our readers. This will not change, not now, not ever! And of course, that includes Mayim Bialik, who will continue to regale us with tales of being the only Jewish celebrity neuroscientist mom in Hollywood. We’ll still bring you the stories that will have you laughing, crying, re-thinking, and questioning (probably all at once), as well as fun stuff like giveaways, recipes, and the occasional Jewish cat meme.

So, take a look at the new site. Click around. Explore. If you find any hiccups or bugs, please let us know (redesigning a website is really complicated). We know change is hard, and it may take some getting used to, but we really hope you enjoy the new look of Kveller as much as we do.

Kvell on,

The Kveller Staff

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