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News Roundup: Bar Mitzvah Boy Schools Us On Tween Style in Esquire

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-Horrified by the drab khakis and navy blazer ensemble that has become the symbol of manhood at temples everywhere, one fashion-forward bar mitzvah boy explains how to snazz up the old uniform for a men’s magazine. h/t Courtney Naliboff. (Esquire)

-Hanna Rosin–of “End of Men” fame–wrote another groundbreaking essay about the plight of our playgrounds and how it’s destroying childhood as we know it. She blames to our irrational safety fears for the modern over-regulated playground, arguing that hazards and danger are essential for healthy childhood development.  (The Atlantic)

-Bacon crackers for Hebrew School? Crazier stuff has happened. Thanks to the Orthodox Union, bacon-flavored Ritz crackers are officially certified kosher. Not without controversy, of course; some samplers complain that it tastes too similar to the real thing. (JTA)

-In New York City, where the preschool admission process is about as cutthroat as the “American Idol” finals, Orthodox Jewish preschools  such as Yeshiva of Flatbush in Brooklyn are increasingly appealing to secular Jewish parents. Read this lovely essay about one family taking the plunge. (The New York Times)

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