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news roundup

News Roundup: Best Methods for Potty Training

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.


Potty training hasn’t been sufficiently studied by scientists, but it looks like there are two popular and relatively effective methods: the relatively gradual Brazelton approach, and the 3-day you’ll-probably-have-to-get-your-rugs-shampooed-afterwards Foxx/Azrin approach. (Slate)

For lots of moms, like the one profiled in this article, leaning in, a la Sheryl Sandberg, is not as high of a priority as learning out–spending time with family, and being able to work from home. (New York Times)

A Bronx woman had her children taken away from her more than 8 years ago. While two of her children have been returned to her custody, her two daughters remain with foster parents who illegally moved out of state with the girls. The fostering system is a big mess. (New York Times)

Nepal has been really successful at lowering the number of women who are dying during childbirth, but they still have a long way to go before having a baby won’t be among the most dangerous things a woman does in her life. (The Atlantic)

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