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News Roundup: Charlie Sheen is Jewish And Ted Nugent Is My Dad

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-Does your kid have Sophie the Giraffe? Yeah, well, who doesn’t. Apparently the French rubber teether that looks suspiciously like a dog toy is the number one selling baby item on Amazon. Why? This article doesn’t really tell you beyond pulling the curtain back on some well-placed celebrity endorsements. [Slate]

-Charlie Sheen isn’t just bonkers, he’s also Jewish! That whole tirade about Chaim Levine wasn’t really anti-Semitic because Sheen’s mother is in fact Jewish. Despite physically threatening a number of women, Sheen is fighting for custody of his kids. We can rest assured though that he’s decided to stop at making babies. Five children with three different women is apparently good enough. (Hollywood Reporter]

-Imagine finding your biological father when you’re 42. Now imagine finding out that your dad is Ted Nugent. That’s what happened to Brooklyn restaurateur, Ted Mann. Upon hearing the news, Mann asked of his newly found father, “‘The guy who kills everything?” Yep, that would be him. (Brooklyn Based)

-The owner of a New York breastfeeding shop is  n a heated battle with the condo board in the building where her store is housed. They’re trying to kick her out because among other things she keeps the brass door improperly ajar. She in turn filed a complaint with the State claiming that the door was too heavy for pregnant women and stroller-pushing mothers to open safely. Most interesting, though, is that the store owner is a former cop. Movie rights, anyone? (New York Times)

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