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News Roundup: From the Suburbs to a Shack in South Africa

              All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– As an experiment in “radical empathy,” Julian and Ena Hewitt, an upper-class couple in South Africa, traded their lifestyle in a gated community for a month to live in a shack in the township of Mamelodi with their children on $10 a day. Mr. Hewitt also blogged about his experience. How quaint. (NYT)

– Caroline and Randy Gold’s daughter has a rare genetic disease that is more common among Ashkenazi Jews, called Mucolipidosis Type IV, also known as ML4. Their staunch support for standardized screening of Jewish genetic diseases inspired the creation of JScreen, a Web-based national screening program for the 19 most common Jewish genetic diseases, including ML4. (You can read our interview with the couple here). (CNN)

– Is it a blessing or a curse to be born on 9/11? Lev Grossman’s son was born on 9/11, and when the nurse came in to check the paper work, she mentioned they could mark his birth date as 9/12, if the family so desired. (Time)

– When Hannah Latham was pregnant, she felt as if she and her partner Rowena were the only people in the world in their situation. To aid other LGBT parents on their parenting journey, Hannah started her own magazine, We Are Family, for families who have one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender member. (The Guardian)

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