News Roundup: Guess What? We Are Covered in Trillions of Bacteria – Kveller
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News Roundup: Guess What? We Are Covered in Trillions of Bacteria

This week’s parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read.

– Turns out every human has about 100 trillion bacteria living (and dying) on our skin and inside our bodies at all times. And that families living in the same house share many of the same bacteria, especially those with dogs who spread them around via licking. (NYT)

– An alum of the Hebrew Union College wrote an open letter urging them to reconsider their stance on not admitting prospective rabbinical students who are married, engaged, or in a relationship with a person who is not Jewish. (Forward)

– The United States lags behind almost all other industrialized countries in providing the goods, services, and incentives that make it possible for women and men to be caregivers as well as breadwinners. Anne-Marie Slaughter shares some strategies that could help. (Atlantic)

– What is up with America’s creepy fascination with pregnant celebrities? While it’s great that famous women no longer feel they need to hide for 9 months while they’re pregnant, the media’s scrutiny of their weight and obsession with their “bumps” is totally weird, and only getting worse. (Double X)

– Amy Blumenfeld was always honest with her daughter about how she was born, via gestational surrogacy. So it’s no surprise that her daughter has now taken it upon herself to tell her friends and schoolmates that there’s more than one way for a baby to be born. (Huffington Post)

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