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news roundup

News Roundup: Is Parenting Really So Different Around the World?


– While Americans have become obsessed with mining other world cultures for their parenting advice (Asian moms, French moms, etc. etc.), HuffPost surveyed its editors and writers worldwide about their own parenting style, and it was the similarities that were the most striking. (Huffington Post)

– In “Freezing Eggs and Hoarding My Fertility,” Sarah ruminates on the anxiety and panic that ensue after freezing your eggs. (Motherlode)

– A bit of history for you: The Spanish government expelled the Jews in 1492. In 2012, they said that any Sephardic Jew who wanted a Spanish passport could have one. Confident he could qualify, Josh Nathan-Kazis flew to Madrid to find out. (The Forward)

New York Magazine contributing editor and mother Jennifer Senior investigates how children actually affect parental happiness in her new book, All Joy and No Fun. (NPR)

– Officials across the country are studying the programs in New Jersey preschools as they seek to broaden access to free, full-day pre-kindergarten. (NY Times)

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