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News Roundup: “Milk-share” Breast Milk Sold Online is Often Contaminated

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– You may or may not have been aware that human breast milk has become a commodified and unregulated product on the internet. While some mothers have found it to be helpful, a recent study has shown that breast milk bought from two popular “milk-share” websites had high levels of bacteria and salmonella. Yikes. (NY Times)

– This mother had high expectations for hiring a doula, which could be fairly a costly and time consuming process. What she thought would be a highly supportive approach ended up being quite the disappointment, leading her to the conclusion, “the doula experience felt like a con and a rip-off.” (Salon)

– It can be a bit rough for kids in school when they are allergic to the birthday cake their classmate brought in. Nearly one-third of food allergic children are bullied because of their allergies, and this mother suggests its every parent’s responsibility to facilitate “food-inclusive” environments for kids. (Motherlode) 

– Susan Bright writes for LightBox about the visual documentation of life’s oldest tradition in her latest book and exhibition, ‘Home Truths: Motherhood and Photography’. (Time)

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