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News Roundup: Roast Chicken, Sex, and Baby Names

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-An Israeli couple actually named their kid “Like” this week. As in the Facebook “Like” button. This isn’t quite as bad in my mind as couples who named their children after the place where their children were conceived. Eww! (Haaretz)

-A recipe for roast chicken and sex. For parents. (Slate)

-Real Middle Aged Jewish Housewives of Queens?! OK, not exactly. But Free Range Mom, Lenore Skenazy, whose mission it is to get parents to chill out, has her very own reality television show now. Lenore got famous after she wrote a column for The New York Sun (RIP, I used to work there too) about letting her kid ride the subway by himself. Her new show doesn’t have a name yet. (The Forward)

-A gay couple–a black man and a Jew–and their black-Jewish daughter head to Kentucky where a surrogate mom births their second child. Did you get all that?  (NY Times)

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