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News Roundup: The Shocking Truth About Steve From “Blues Clues”

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-Ever since he resigned from the show in 2002, rumors have been swirling about “Steve” from “Blues Clues.” One rumor claimed he had died from a drug overdose while another insisted he had died in a car crash. All have thoroughly been debunked. The real reason the indefatigable man-boy with a preference for striped polo shirts left the show was because 1) he joined a band and 2) he was starting to go bald–Oh, the scandal! (Huff Post)

-Judy Blume thinks parents need to chill out and stop worrying about what the kids are reading. The best selling author whose own books were banned in the ’80s, argues that kids will just “self-censor” or be bored by material that is over their heads. Her final word to her young fans: “I say go and read. Read what you like to read.” (Telegraph)

-In this cautionary tale, Julia Fierro writes about the suspicion and distrust that followed when a photo of her pissed-off daughter somehow turned up on a meme site–and went viral. In the end, her husband’s coworker fessed up to posting the meme on Reddit to earn “karma” points. (Huff Post)

-Let’s face it, coding is the language of the future. And by next year, it will be part of many K-12 classroom curriculum across the nation, thanks to, a nation-wide push backed by major tech companies and their founders like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. (New York Times)

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