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News Roundup: Three Kidnapped Israeli Teens Still Missing

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-The three Israeli teens who were kidnapped on June 12 have been missing for four days now, rattling Israeli society and Jews around the world. Bibi Netanyahu and John Kerry are pointing to Hamas and demanding assistance from Mahmoud Abbas (who condemned the kidnappings). Meanwhile thousands of Israelis gathered at the Western Wall to pray for the teens, and Bibi warned that the search could “take some time.” (JTA)

-Flying with toddlers is always a living nightmare, but this story takes the cake. Basically a 3-year-old girl was forced to urinate herself because a JetBlue flight attendant wouldn’t allow her to use the bathroom while the plane was delayed on the tarmac. When the girl’s mom tried to get paper towels to wipe up the mess, the pilot turned the plane around due to a “non-compliant passenger.” (New York Daily News)

-In time for Father’s Day, a doting uncle writes about his complicated interfaith family and his relationship with his father, who came through for him when he fainted at his nephew’s bris. (The Forward)

-Mayor Bill DeBlasio offered to extend Universal Pre-K spots to private yeshiva schools in New York City, even offering to change the requirements so that the religious schools could opt-in without compromising religious education. But the Ultra-Orthodox establishment declined the mayor’s offer, and some are questioning the wisdom of that decision. (The Forward)

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