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news roundup

News Roundup: When Your Husband Donates Sperm to Another Woman; The Spellng Bee Spelled it Wrong?

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– “If your friends, a lesbian couple, ask your husband to donate sperm so they can have a child, would you agree?” What seemed like an easy hypothetical yes turned into a complicated decision, and ultimate reality, for Lisa Schlesigner. (NYT)

– “The consensus still holds that if you do organize your family with one parent at home and one working, you can be confident in achieving efficiency.” Why having one parent work and one stay home (regardless of gender) might make the most sense. (Slate)

– Has baby naming anxiety gotten completely out of hand? A piece in the Time’s style section explores the pains certain parents go to ensure their children have unique, off-the-grid names (meet Cree, Izan, Emi, Safi, Nanou, and Esosa). (NYT)

– What does it say about you if you actually enjoy your son’s bris? For Elissa Strauss, it was a complicated mix of emotions, but most of all, a mystery. (Motherlode)

– Yes, it was very exciting when the final word in this year’s Scripp’s National Spelling Bee was the Yiddish word “knaidel.” But this is not without some controversy from the mavens of Yiddish who say the preferred spelling has historically been “kneydl.” (NYT)

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