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Nickelodeon Finally Introduces Its First Animated Same-Sex Couple

Everyone loves cartoons, especially when you’re a kid and you can’t wait to watch your favorite cartoons with your favorite bowl of cereal (which of course, for a parent can also get tedious). Well, now cartoons are about to get a lot more real, because Nickelodeon’s new show, “The Loud House” is the network’s first cartoon to feature a same-sex couple.

This week, a clip was released of Lincoln talking to his friend on a walkie talkie as he walks over to the Loud house. As he opens the door, he says, “This is it. Time to make history.” He then opens to the door to his two gay, interracial dads. It’s pretty awesome.

While the show is technically not the first to feature a gay couple (as “The Simpsons” already have), it’s the first kids’ show to do so. The best part about this is the fact that Nickelodeon is being pretty cool about it–in that they aren’t making a huge deal about it–because having LGBTQ parents isn’t. And that’s a valuable lesson for all kids to learn, not just kids whose parents fit the bill.

I hope more TV shows and networks follow this lead.

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