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Now You Can Wipe Your Baby’s Butt With Annoying Parenting Tips

Tired of really obnoxious, unsolicited parenting advice? We are too. Luckily, all your dreams about shutting those parents up are about to come true: UK baby product company Tommee Tippee figured out how to recycle those pesky comments: Create butt wipes.

According to Adweek, the company made a limited distribution run of baby wipes called “Advice Wipes,” which are exactly what they sound like. All that annoying parenting advice–recycled from magazines, blog posts, and books–is now stamped into the baby wipe, so you can clean baby tushes while also getting out your aggression.

Eric Silver, Tommee Tippee’s North American chief creative officer, states the company’s purpose for the product is simply to reassure parents that they’re doing just fine on their own:

“One of the lines we used early on with the client was, ‘Humans were having babies for 200,000 years before the first baby book was written,’ ” he says. “We’re saying to new parents, ‘You got this. You know what you’re doing.’ We thought it would be funny to take all that advice and actually wipe a baby’s ass with it.”

If that doesn’t say it all, check out the company’s video on their adorable Advice Wipes below:

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